Positive Behaviour for Learning

Over the next three years Hanmer Springs School is implementing a number of initiatives to support improvements in learning and behaviour.  We look forward to sharing our journey with the school community through the newsletter, website, parent evenings and celebrations.  Click below for the latest action plan from Term 1, 2016! 

The PB4L initiative has been very successful across many schools in New Zealand. It is an evidenced based framework and looks at behaviour and learning from a whole school and individual student perspective. It provides schools with a process for teaching social and behavioural skills and helps to develop and reinforce a positive, proactive and systematic approach based on school data. It takes the approach that opportunities for learning and achievement increase if:
  • the school environment is positive and supportive
  • expectations are consistently clear
  • students are consistently taught expected behaviours
  • expected behaviours are consistently acknowledged
  • inappropriate behaviours are consistently responded to in a fair and equitable way.
"PB4L aims to provide a positive school climate and to create a supportive environment for personal, social, and academic growth for students and staff. In other words, the school-wide plan is essentially an instrument to enable the goals of the school to be achieved, especially the goals of student achievement." Colvin, 2007, page 10

Our Action Plan
School leadership capacity established for implementation of school-wide PB4L.

Introduction to PB4L and review of current school initiatives to ensure we work smarter.

Committee created (full staff!) for shared leadership and undertaking of key roles.

A school wide evaluation tool has been used to help the school determin future direction and planning for PB4L. Specific areas for review have included the degree of shared understanding of staff for:- 
  • how well school expectations are defined
  • how well school expectations are taught
  • how rewards are used for effective behaviour
  • how the school responds to behaviour problems
  • monitoring and decision making
  • management
  • regional level support
Staff collaborate to identify school wide goals and priorities for improvement.

Purpose Statement Created.

Improvements to current data collection methods and rationale to gather more evidence for the behaviours at school.

A greater focus on school values and systems to improve explicit planning and teaching of value qualities is underway.

A new system of rewarding students for demonstrating and modelling school values is being created.

Staff are collating further evidence of specific behaviours occurring needing to be addressed school wide through PB4L initiatives.  This includes the time, location and people involved.Behaviours to monitor and record more closely include:-
  • physical aggression (hitting/kicking/pushing/pulling)
  • swearing
  • physical play or rough play leading leading to hurt
  • throwing sand
  • telling tales to get someone else in trouble
  • name calling or unkind words to hurt someone
  • exclusion from games

Data for evidence is being collated to assist further school decisions and action. We are not expected large amounts of data for these! but acknowledge that in most schools undesireable behaviours surface from time to time where specific school wide action is required.

Planning for how PB4L progress and updates are shared with the school community.
  • website
  • newsletter
  • displays
  • celebrations
  • parent evenings

Promotion on house points as frequent rewards to support school values in the playground.

Review of the different ways school values are demonstrated in different contexts. (eg) respect - playground, library...
Beginnings of school wide matrices and posters to clarify what school values look like in different settings.